Winter Love

Winter on the North Fork. Yeah. We know.
That’s why we are making sure that there are plenty of fun things to DO and (more importantly, let’s be serious) EAT this winter at Love Lane Kitchen.
But really, the Winter on the North Fork offers so much clarity. The sky is clear the air is crisp (even if that air is coming at you at 17 degrees, c’mon it’s refreshing!) and the views are vast.

The reprieve of the hustle and bustle is a change here on the lane, but also a nice reset.  Our loyal locals have the restaurant to themselves again, (for a little while, guys!) And the slower pace leaves room for us to get creative!  So we have been taking some time to design some exciting and fun ways to keep warm this winter. From Cooking Classes (I am super excited about this!) to Healthier Choices on our New Resolution Menu, to some Delicious Deals we are going to make sure your winter is anything but bland!

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