September at Love Lane Kitchen

I’m pretty sure everyone is saying the same thing when September rolls around.

It’s like a big giant exhale heard along the length of the North Fork. We did it!
We summered our little hearts out.

Here at LLK we had one of the best teams ever, some of the best food and best customers (you know who you are!) and, even maybe the best weather!

As always, I am reminded that, in really anything you do or anywhere you go, it is the people who make it all worth while. It is our staff and our customers that make being a part of this community so special. OK, the beautiful landscape and wine and beer and occasional lobster roll definitely add to the wonderfulness of it all. But we all know, at the end of the day, or in this case, at the end of the summer, when everyone is filled with blissful exhaustion, that we couldn’t have done it with out one another!

So thank you to everyone who made this summer one of our best, yet! And how lucky are we that September has just that little subtle hint of summer to ease us into Fall.

See you on the Lane!


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